I hated transgenders until I became a fabulous princess! by Peter Hitchens

By Peter Hitchens

TRANSGENDERISM is a sickening politically correct fad used to undermine traditional values by the liberal-fascist Thought Police. Or so I thought until I looked inside my granddaughter’s dressing-up box.

While my daughter’s family was staying for the weekend I noticed the gaily decorated box containing such items as a tiara, fairy wand and plastic tiara, no doubt inspired by some wretched film by feminist propagandists Disney.

Since all school pupils are now required to experiment with gender-bending, in the interests of research I tried on the tiara to experience the terrified confusion of a small boy ordered to become a girl by a bullying Marxist teacher.

But instead of nausea I felt a strange sense of delight. Alone in the house, I decided to investigate further by putting on my wife’s old ball gown and dancing around singing Someday My Prince Will Come.  

Soon I was no longer Peter Hitchens but the fabulous Princess Peterina, who became even more pretty and feminine with the application of some makeup and a dab of perfume!

I was surprised by how at ease I felt in women’s clothing, even a bra. I definitely intend to invest in a couple of dresses and perhaps some sheer silk stockings, just for the comfort and practicality.

When my family returned they were shocked by my appearance but I explained it is compulsory nowadays to dress as a beautiful princess who all the handsome young princes wish to marry.

In fact later I intend to slip into a backless evening dress to write an article about how global warming scientists are living a lie.