Is it ever right to pay more than £5 for a pint?

THE cost of getting pissed has undoubtedly gone up over the years but do you think it can ever be morally ethical to charge or pay over £5 for a pint of lager? Take our quick test to find out…

1. It’s a very nice, foreign lager?

A. Nah.

B. What the actual fuck?

2. It comes in a really long, fancy pint glass?

A. Seriously?

B. Piss off.

3. It’s over 5%?

A. Still no.

B. Kiss my arse.


Mostly As: Well done. Paying at least £5 or more for a pint of lager is a right mug’s game.

Mostly Bs: Well done. Charging at least £5 for a pint of lager is some straight-up bullshit.