Terrified middle Englanders ‘would vote for Pol Pot over Jeremy Corbyn if they thought it would protect their house prices’

MOST middle Englanders are so terrified of Jeremy Corbyn they would happily vote for Cambodian despot Pol Pot, it has been confirmed.

The Institute for Studies found that nearly all middle Englanders who own their own property would vote for many of history’s greatest monsters as long as they thought it would not affect their house price including, Genghis Khan, Vlad the Impaler and Mariah Carey.

Terrified middle Englander, Mary Fisher said: “I know Pol Pot instigated Year Zero which lead to the deaths of millions of Cambodians, but this house is all we’ve got.

“Okay, we’ve also got savings, shares, pensions and a few other things, but this house is worth money and if that Corbyn got in charge, I think it would be worth less money.

“Is Idi Amin still alive?”