Is it okay to hate Vegans because of what they eat? Yes – or of course not you utter moron?

IS IT okay to hate someone because they don’t eat the same food as you do? Or should you just mind your own fucking business?

You’re in a restaurant and you overhear someone say ‘Is it OK for vegans?’ How do you respond?

A. Couldn’t give a shit.

B. I turn around in my chair, look them up and down and then shake my head, while muttering to myself, ‘Is this what people died in wars for?’

A friend is bringing their vegan partner to dinner. How do you respond?

A. Cool. Tell us what they like and we’ll get it for them.

B. You flip over your coffee table, set fire to the curtains and then go outside into the street and scream, ‘Not in this house!’.

You see someone in the supermarket looking at vegan food. How do you react?

A. Couldn’t give a shit.

B. You hurl tins of beans at them whilst pointing and making some sort of guttural screaming sound. You then chase them from the store before sitting on the ground to chew on a big fuck-off bone like a werewolf.

Mostly As: Couldn’t give a shit.

Mostly Bs: Me love meat. No eat meat bad. And yes, it is my business what you put into your body.