Quiz: Are you doing too many online quizzes?

ONLINE quizzes are a great way to learn more about yourself. But are you addicted? Find out with this quiz.

1. Do you know your Game of Thrones house?

A. I suppose I’d probably want to be a Stark, but it doesn’t really matter, does it?

B. I identify more strongly with my Game of Thrones house than my actual family.

C. I’m a busy adult and don’t have time for online tests, unless they’re about Harry Potter, in which case the answer is Ravenclaw.

2. Do you know which Disney villain you are most like?

A. Whichever one you think is best. Let’s get this over with.

B. Aspirational Ursula the sea witch, but with undertones of Jafar.

C. Is Frozen a Disney one?

3. Which 80s/90s teen film are you?

A. I know humans are tribal and competitive, but this incessant categorising is so childish and pointless. The Lost Boys.

B. Either 10 Things I Hate About You because I’m subtly intellectual, or She’s All That because I stopped wearing my glasses so people would want to shag me.

C. Frozen?

4. Tell us your favourite ice cream flavour and we’ll tell you when you’re going to die.

A. What?

B. What?

C. Seriously, what?

Mostly As

You have a normal, healthy relationship with quizzes.

You do not seem to have a problem with excessive quizzing, preferring free thought and expression over slavish adherence to stereotypes. That’s very Targaryen of you.

Mostly Bs

You have a problem.

This is your life and it’s slipping away one Buzzfeed food quiz at a time.

Mostly Cs

Do you have an internet connection?

You’re probably not even on Facebook, are you? Do you live without likes and shares and comments? Tell us of your strange and wonderful world.

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Shoppers praise 10p bags for stopping them going to Tesco

SHOPPERS have welcomed more expensive Tesco carrier bags because they have finally stopped them visiting the shite supermarket.

Britons say the new 10p bags have provided them with the incentive to go elsewhere and buy things that are nicer in places that are less full of despair.

Mum Donna Sheridan said: “Since Tesco put bags up to 10p I’ve completely stopped going there and buying crap like ‘mini-pasties’.

“Yesterday I went to a butcher and got some good quality sausages. His shop even had windows and the other customers didn’t look like they wanted to bite my ears off.”

Office worker Tom Logan said: “I used to buy a Tesco sandwich every day but I’ve started walking a bit further to M&S. So thanks to Tesco my diet’s improved and I’ve even lost some weight!

“Maybe Greggs could do 10p bags too because I’d really like to stop eating their grim products.”