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Reader offer: Boutique Hotels Where You Can Go and F*ck

A GUIDE to quirky, highly individual rutting retreats.

Reader offer: Smackhead Interiors & Lifestyle

MINIMALIST decor inspired by flogging all your stuff to buy smack.

Reader offer: Closet magazine

For the man with a confused double life.

Reader offer: Celebritoad

All the toads...all the gossip!

Reader offer: Fishing-Obsessed Wife Avoider

Carp, bream, turbot...who cares as long as she's not there?

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The Racist Nan: Chinamen - can they be trusted?

Reader offer: Call someone

It's a great day to communicate.

Reader offer: What's she thinking now?

The magazine for poor bastards like you.

Reader offer: Pregnant teenager?

Get 12 issues for the price of nine!

Reader offer: bouncy fun

For the dysfunctional man-child in your life...