Who is the new Hitler?

WHICH of Europe’s powerful freaks is the real heir to the Great Dictator?

Adolf Hitler, ca. 1930sBoggle-eyed xenophobes are seizing power across the continent. But which one could fill Adolf Hitler’s jackboots?

Marine Le Pen – French National Front leader whose name means ‘The Pen by the Sea’, which she hopes to fill with Jews and Muslims. Le Pen is looking for a way to conquer Europe with an army that demands four-hour lunch breaks.

Odds of being new Hitler 5/1

Morten Messerschmidt – the great-grandson of a Luftwaffe Messerschmitt 109 plane which was forced down in Copenhagen during WWII and fell in love with a farm girl, this propeller-driven Danish leader believes in closing borders, cutting benefits and an 80 per cent increase in Lego Nazi play sets.

Odds 18/1

Nigel Farage – UKIP leader considered charismatic in Britain but viewed by Europeans roughly as we view Ed Miliband. Credibility with military low after his 2010 election day attempt at piloting a light aircraft in a bombing run on Buckingham ended in disaster.

Odds 100/1

Adolf Hitler – Former German Chancellor now in present day after a failed assassination attempt by the inventor of a time machine. Currently building support in German beer halls, the all-new Hitler has swept away doubters with his fashionable quiff and handlebar moustache.

Odds Evens