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Wenger throws Fabregas' clothes into garden

NEIGHBOURS of Arsenal have called the police after Arsene Wenger had a screaming argument with Cesc Fabregas in the early hours of the morning.

As a man described as looking like Pep Guardiola waited outside in a black cab, the Arsenal captain was heard asking Wenger to calm down and stop making a scene. Police arrived, but Wenger asked them to leave, saying that it was between him and his man.

Neighbour Tom Logan said: “Cesc was telling Arsene that he’d just moved on as a person and that he hoped they could one day play a friendly together.

“Arsene sat on the front doorstep, rocking back and forth, clutching a photo of the pair of them holding the FA Cup in 2005 and saying ‘you said you’d never leave’ to himself over and over again.”

The pair had enjoyed a tumultuous relationship since Wenger shocked the rest of Arsenal by returning from a city break in Barcelona with the midfielder in tow.

Despite the manager lavishing the midfielder with gifts such as a lengthy contract and the captaincy, some grew suspicious of the reason behind his frequent trips back to his former home in Barcelona.

One Arsenal insider said: “He’d go missing for a week at a time and come home reeking of trophies but Arsene believed him when he said he was just visiting friends. I think deep down he knew he could never hang on to a player who’s much younger and more talented than he ever thought he could bag, but he just won’t admit that it’s over. I think he just loves how being with a player like Fabregas makes him feel.”

Wenger is currently being comforted by the rest of the Arsenal squad, with Emmanuel Eboué asking the manager if Fabregas’ departure means they can give things another try.