Government launches 'Exercise: It's not just for pricks' campaign

New initiative will challenge the perception of gym types as vain, tedious misfits, says spokesman.



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'Legacy' launched as a verb

THE word legacy is now a verb, the government body tasked with re-actioning the English language has announced.

A spokesman for JARGO, which is an acronym for some fucking thing, said the 2012 Olympics had stimulated demand for new verbs.

He said: “We were hoping that the games would legacy the future, and it looks as if that legacying is already underway, with the word legacy now being repurposed all over the country.

“Some people will of course scoff at the new verb, claiming that is a misuse of language. But now is not the time for pedanting, malcontenting or bluestockinging.

“We should give three rousing rejubilations for this repurposing. Even as the athletes podium, I hope we can be emproudened by the rich legacy of language we daily tongue, and the rich heirlooming this new verbing will bringify.

“It’s already trending .”

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “This type of functional shift in the English language has been employed by some of our greatest minds, including Shakespeare. Sadly thought it is now the preserve of Apprentice contestants, people who look forward to Powerpoint presentations, and anyone who thinks it cool cool to hold their phone in a weird way.

“I blame the parenting.”

Teacher Emma Bradord said: “I hate this sort of thing, and I hate that hating it makes me feel so old.”