Trump shoots Romney in the face

Billionaire ends Mormon’s presidential dream by blowing a hole in the middle of his head.


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Panic as Britain Huhneless

BRITAIN is in the hands of a Huhneless government.

Stock markets fainted as the country was de-Huhned shortly after 10am. Prime minister David Cameron immediately assembled the Cobra committee in the Downing Street dungeon as foreign heads of state jammed the Number 10 switchboard offering emergency food.

Officials warned that Britain is now facing some new hell following the resignation of climate secretary Brian Huhne after he was charged with perverting the course of his first marriage.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “The last thing we need now is for people to go mental, but there’s no blueprint for a properly functioning government that has been so suddenly un-Huhned.”

Across Britain, children were sent home early from school and supermarkets posted armed guards on their roofs.

Helen Archer, a sales manager from Stevenage, said: “I have no idea who you’re talking about.”

But as Twitter prejudiced Mr Huhne’s trial 714 times a second, the government stressed its energy policy will remain the same because the Conservative Party does not have a majority, before stressing it is baffled as to why people still cannot understand how this works.

Meanwhile researchers who do not believe in the climate have confirmed a definitive link between alleged speeding point shenanigans and solar panel feed-in tariffs.

Experts at Delingpole University claim to have proved how Mr Huhne’s impending criminal trial is the direct result of years of dishonest carbon reduction opinions.

Using state-of-the-art computer models they found that if Mr Huhne had continued advocating renewable energy he would eventually have driven his car into the middle of a nursery school and asked whichever woman he was sleeping with at the time to take the blame.

Professor Roy Hobbs said: “There is now a consensus that most people who believe in global warming will eventually be charged with perverting the course of justice. Or murder.

“Conversely, climate disbelief reduces the likelihood of criminal charges by 83% and even if a sceptic was somehow charged there is a mountain of data showing they would obviously be the victim of a devillish conspiracy.

“It’s a great day for science.”