Wednesday, 20th January 2021

Five drinking games to normalise getting hammered alone

DO you knock back your weekly units solo in a night only to wake up hungover and guilty? Normalise one-man piss-ups with these single-player drinking games.

Never have I ever

Essentially the same as the regular version but far more efficient because you know all your deepest secrets. To the outsider it might look like you’re just swigging Malbec from the bottle while blurting out confessions, but actually you’re riding the bullet train to partytown.

Beer pong

A British take on the American high school classic. Get your drinks, arrange them in that triangle formation, then drink them in whatever order you want because you’re crap at throwing ping pong balls into red plastic cups and you’d be sober all night otherwise.

Ibble Dibble

You’ve seen Thatcher make a hash of this game in The Crown, now it’s your turn to get in on the action. Grab a charred cork and nominate yourself every turn. Just don’t forget to dot your face with dibble ibbles while knocking them back or you’ll look a right weirdo.

Personal best

A cross between a marathon and a sprint, this game is all about seeing how many drinks you can neck in an hour then breaking that record. You’ll likely pass out having soiled yourself by the fourth hour, giving you something in common with actual long-distance runners.

Sitting in front of the TV surrounded by empty beer cans

The most popular solo drinking game of all. As its name suggests, the aim is to sit in front of your television while accumulating a floor strewn with empty beer cans. The number of cans doesn’t mean anything although the game is more fun if you switch on the TV.