Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

'Keep the change' says Northerner handing over tenner for big round in London pub

A NORTHERNER generously waived what he imagined would have been his change from £10 for a round in a Covent Garden pub.

Tom Logan, 36, believed a tenner would easily cover the cost of two pints of lager and two large glasses of Chardonnay, leaving a pleasing tip or drink for the grateful barmaid.  

Logan said: “I was on a day trip down from Barnsley and got chatting to some folk at the bar, so I offered to get a round in.   

“When I flashed a whole tenner around you could tell they were impressed. So I handed over the note to the barmaid and said, ‘Have a drink yourself, love.’

“But she said, ‘That’ll be £21.50.’

“Once the shock had worn off I realised I must have been the victim of one of them grifter scams and they were all in on it. I’m lucky I didn’t wake up in a dingy hotel room with a kidney missing. 

“Naturally I scarpered. I’d have reported it to the police only they wouldn’t have believed me.”