Man calls Chief Medical Officer after accidentally drinking more than four units of alcohol in a day

A MAN has called the UK’s Chief Medical Officer after accidentally drinking six alcohol units in a day to beg for urgent help. 

Nathan Muir of Hitchin accidentally downed the lethal cocktail when out with friends before realising he had exceeded recommended daily limits by 50 per cent and it was probably already too late for him.

He said: “We were talking about Solskjær’s appointment. I was distracted. I didn’t realise I’d been brought a third beer until I’d finished it. By then it was too late.

“I sank to the floor in terror, a blood alcohol level of a terrifying 75mg coursing through my veins. I saw the Chief Medical Officer’s advice on the bottle and, in desperation, Googled her number and called her.

“Sobbing, I told her ‘I’ve had six units of alcohol in one day. Tell me straight, doc. Am I going to make it?’

“She asked my BMI, general state of fitness and the medical history then told me to drink water, lie down and wait for the poison to leave my system. And I lived.

“I’m never taking that kind of risk with my health again. I’m going back on the spliff.”

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