Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Brexit march somehow back in Sunderland again

THE ‘March to Leave’ has somehow found itself back in Sunderland again, feeling even more confused than usual and with no one really leading.

The march - which is currently populated by a handful of oddballs and the spirit of Nigel Farage who is busy on TV - arrived back in the Northern town expecting it to be London.

Brexiter Martin Bishop said: “I think London is around here somewhere. Is that London? Oh, no, it’s the Stadium of Light.

“This is definitely not London. London is full of massive buildings, famous landmarks and the metropolitan elite. As the sort of person who voted for Brexit I notice these things.

“We must have taken a wrong turn at Doncaster. Now I’m completely knackered and my feet really hurt. I’m taking these flip flops back to the shop.”

Fellow marcher Emma Bradford said: “Why didn't any of us bring a map? It’s almost like we embarked on this enormous endeavour without having a fucking clue what we were doing."