Friday, 14th May 2021

Pints actually quite a large amount of drink

A WHOLE pint is actually a rather large quantity of fluid to drink multiple times an evening, it has been confirmed.

Having got used to drinking cans and bottles in the park, Britons returning to the pub are discovering that even a single pint is in fact an excessive amount of beer to knock back.

Pub-goer Ryan Whittaker said: “When the barman used all his strength to plonk down my 568ml drink I thought there must be some mistake. Had he grabbed a massive novelty glass by accident, I wondered. Apparently not.

“I dutifully sipped away, thinking it was probably less intimidating than it looked. But after 20 minutes I was barely halfway through.

“In a desperate attempt to keep up I tried to quickly down the rest, feeling more nauseous and overwhelmed all the time. Finally, I set down my empty glass and the relief crashed over me.

“Then my friend instantly ordered another round and the ordeal started all over again.”