Wednesday, 28th October 2020

Three-year-old's parents ask for Prosecco for his birthday

THE mother and father of a three-year-old boy have asked family and friends to buy him sparkling wine for his birthday.

After careful thought, Martin Bishop and Donna Sheridan decided the best way to make their son Kyle’s birthday truly enjoyable would be if everyone brought a bottle, or ideally two.

Bishop said: “We feel it’s better for friends not to bother spending 20 or 30 quid on a bunch of plastic toys the kid will probably turn upside down once then throw at the wall.

“Bring Prosecco instead. He can’t enjoy it, but ask him in 25 years if he’d have wanted us to sit sober watching him trundle a Thomas the Tank Engine train 150 times across a table, and I’m sure he’d say ‘no’.

“We certainly don’t want him looking back at photos of the big day and us all looking miserable drinking cups of orange squash and tap water.

“If you must bring something non-alcoholic, bring cardboard boxes or bubble wrap, any old junk like that you have lying around. That, he will play with.”

The party will take place from 1pm till late, with Kyle being picked up by his grandparents at 2pm.

Sheridan said: “We don’t want to tire him out.”