Woman shocked to discover she likes IPA

A WOMAN was shocked to find she actually enjoys the taste of a craft beer IPA, she has confirmed. 

Mary Fisher tried the high-gravity beer after partner Martin Bishop forgot to buy her usual bottle of rosé and was surprised that it was genuinely pleasurable.

She said: “I liked it. I mean, I really liked it.

“Martin’s been stocking the fridge with all these bottles of IPA, with their fancy labels and stupid names, for years and I never bothered trying them. Why would I?

“I’d heard all these macho things about how ‘hoppy’ it is, and that it keeps you awake and that only bikers and truckers like it, but I thought I’d give it a go and turns out it’s way less pissy than ordinary beer.

“I joked to Martin that I might just switch to drinking his cans from now on and he joked that I wasn’t allowed to touch them, but I wasn’t actually joking. But he was.”

Bishop said: “This is like when Chris’s girlfriend watched a football match and thought she was into football and wanted to talk about football and watch football. They split up.

“It wasn’t a joke. Those IPAs are mine.”