20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer perfect time to admit it was a load of toss

TWENTY years on from the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, many of its viewers are ready to admit for the first time that it was nothing but toss. 

The show, about a vampire slayer at high school, is finally being recognised as exactly as bad as it initially sounds after two full decades of denial.

Fan Carolyn Ryan, aged 35, said: “I’ve got all the box-sets. I began a rewatch the other day. And… it’s toss, isn’t it? Start to finish.

“A schoolgirl who dresses like a streetwalker stumbling into different monsters every week, most of which are so badly realised they make Doctor Who look like an Attenborough documentary?

“And correct me if I’m wrong but if you’re meant to slay vampires but invariably end up having sex with them, I’m saying you’re shit at the job.

“I was 15 when it started, it’s not my fault. But still, I should have realised how irredeemably bollocks it was at least a decade ago.”

Ryan added: “Yes, even the musical episode.”