Last adult onesie destroyed in controlled explosion

THE last remaining all-in-one adult garment in the UK has been blown to smithereens in front of a cheering crowd.

Demolition experts were called in to deal with the former fashion item, using dynamite and shaped charges to safely destroy it without endangering an applauding audience wearing age-appropriate clothing.

Safety manager Roy Hobbs said: “Normally we deal with ugly, unwanted buildings that everyone’s decided should be erased as if they never existed, so we were the natural choice for this.

“And I have to say it’s a real honour to destroy this fleecy monstrosity which is a potent symbol of everything that was wrong with us back in 2012.

“It’s a powerful act, showing the world that we’ve turned our back on a shameful time when it was acceptable for a grown adult to wear a giant all-in-one like a crapping baby.”

He added: “Was there anyone in it when we blew it up? I don’t know. Does it matter?”