Article 50 to be name of experimental punk band in the year 2076

ARTICLE 50 is set to be the name of some weird experimental band in the year 2076, long after anyone remembers what it meant.

The band, which will consist of three people who met in a robot-owned nightclub, will settle on Article 50 after noticing it in on a page on Wikipedia, which by that point will be in 3D.

Singer and synth player Tom Booker said: “People always ask us what the band name means. Apparently, it was this bullshit legal thing from like 60 years ago which people hoped would stop foreigners coming into Britain.

“Didn’t work obviously and I suppose that’s why no one remembers it.”

Drummer Julian Cook added: “Yeah, some guy called Nigel Garage came up with it, shortly before he was decapitated in a freak wind turbine accident.”

“I wanted to call us The Brexiteers but apparently that made us sound like a gang of right bellends.”