Banksy revealed as tight bastard who never gets round in

STREET artist Banksy has been revealed as a man who always claimed to be broke in the pub.

39-year-old Tom Logan, who told his friends he was out of work, was revealed to be the millionaire artist when a friend shouted “Oi Banksy you’ve dropped 20p”.

Cousin Roy Hobbs said: “Tom, or rather Banksy, always claimed to be on benefits despite having applied for numerous jobs including ‘night fill’ in Tesco Express.

“On that basis I was happy to get him drinks, although it did slightly annoy me that he always wanted the most expensive foreign lager.”

The tight-arsed anarchist even pretended to be at an event where the long-term unemployed pick up litter from riverbanks when he was actually on a luxury graffiti trip.

Logan/Banksy said: “Yes, some of my work sells for six-figure sums but you’ve got auctioneer’s commission coming out of that plus spray paint doesn’t come cheap.

“Also ISA rates are very poor at the moment which means that whatever I manage to save from my anti-establishment murals is earning a paltry amount of interest.”

Hobbs added: “He even sold me some tickets for that ‘Dismaland’ thing for £80, claiming to have gotten them off someone at Job Club. The fucker.”