Bristol Flocks To See ‘Banksy’s Penis’

A DRAWING of an ejaculating penis found in a Bristol toilet cubicle is believed to be an early work by guerilla art genius Banksy.

Banksy does ocassionally revist his early motifs

Experts say the genesis of the artist's distinctive style is clearly evident in the fluid lines of the big bell end, rendered in bold, vivid green biro.

Since its discovery last week, a 500 yard-long queue has formed outside the pub as art lovers clamour to see what locals have dubbed 'Banksy's cock'.

University lecturer, Dan Simmons, said: "It's a triumph. The engorged member represents multinational corporations filled with their own sense of self importance while the blobs of ejaculate are clearly child labourers in the Philippines.

"It should be compulsory for school children to come and look at this."

Street artist Banksy is Bristol's most successful commodity since Denzel's CatArse – a type of cider that makes your eyes fall out – and slaves.

Art critic Nathan Muir said: "Banksy speaks for a generation with his colourful drawings of teddies being attacked by hordes of heavily armoured riot police in big helmets clearly labelled 'evil'.

"No other artist of the last 25 years has managed to convey the message that good things are good and bad things are bad in a way that is so exciting and accessible to first year sociology students and other types of twat or muppet."

But local scaffolder Pete Harman was less impressed, adding: "I am totally bursting for a shit and all these people are in the way."