Crowd not bothered about second encore

FANS attending a Wombats gig have half-heartedly requested the band return a second time while checking their phones.

The rising cheers, rhythmic clapping and stamping for the first encore have been notably reduced by a crowd who would be just as happy to see the house lights come up.

Stephen Malley of Sheffield said: “I suppose it’s possible that in a few days I could regret not demanding one last song, but right now I feel pretty sated.

“Quite apart from the odour of stale beer beginning to pall, they’ve done everything so it’d be one of the singles we’ve already heard.

“Still I don’t want to be rude and I can see they haven’t unplugged the guitars, so I’ll do a few shouts of ‘MOOOOORRE!’ for their sake.”

The tradition of the encore dates back to the 19th century when it was a great honour for musicians, but is now often abused with Bruce Springsteen once returning for 117 encores, ending days after the last audience members had left.

Malley said: “Here they come, the bastards. No chance I’ll catch the last train now.

“Sorry, I mean, WOOOO! YEEEAAH!”