Cumberbatch urges theatre goers to appreciate how very f**king special he is

BENEDICT Cumberbatch last night pleaded with London theatre goers to remember that he is so very fucking special.

The fancy Sherlock Holmes star appeared at the stage door of the Barbican Theatre, where is playing Hamlet, to point out that he is completely wonderful and we are all very lucky to have him in our lives.

He said: “It’s extremely painful for actors because we’re so much better than you and yet we’re forced to share the planet with you.

“Until we get our own planet could you please acknowledge that I really am very fucking special and that pretending to be someone else is the most difficult job in the world.

“People have paid a lot of money to come here and stare at me while I say things they don’t really understand. The least you could do is agree that it’s the most beautiful and important thing that’s ever happened.”

Cumberbatch then asked people to spread the message via social media, stressing he was unable to do that himself ‘because social media is for scum’.