Dad sings entire November Rain solo while driving

A FATHER-OF-TWO has performed the entire solo from Guns N’ Roses’ November Rain while driving his children to school, they have confirmed.

Martin Bishop, aged 45, was amazingly able to simulate the sound of a Gibson Les Paul played by one of the world’s leading rock guitarists using only his mouth.

Son Andrew said: “When the vocal ended we thought dad would stop. But that was just the beginning.

“Incredibly, using a combination of ‘dueeow’ and ‘neyooow’ noises, he recreated the entire thing without missing a single note.

“And that isn’t the limit of his repertoire. Apparently he can do Hotel California, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, and ‘that Muse one with the guitar solo, you know it’.

“We were absolutely dumbfounded by his skill, and left the car without saying a single word, shaking our heads in disbelief.”

Martin Bishop said: “Yep. Bet they don’t think their old dad’s so uncool now.”