Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Daft Punk and five other bands you've been repeatedly told you like

DAFT Punk are splitting up and you’re meant to be sad, because they’re seminal because music writers love them. But do you? 

Daft Punk

Exhausted after an inhuman workrate of four albums and a tour in 28 years, more than any Frenchman could stand, Daft Punk are retiring to smoke purposefully while staring at the Paris skyline. Also, one of those albums is universally disregarded while the others are largely filler.


More European men pretending to be robots, Kraftwerk are beloved by anyone too blind to see that their icy synthesiser experimentation inevitably led to Eurodance, the Vengaboys and Basshunter. Their albums are mainly listened to out of politeness apart from the one about the Tour de France, which is listened to not at all.

The Velvet Underground

Everyone had that one album, the one with the banana cover and about four good tracks, when they were at the stage of weed-smoking where skinning up took four people. But did you know they did several other albums, all of which are ‘only for the fans’? Resist any urge to investigate.


When you’ve got more good T-shirts than you’ve got good records, then you’re flawed as a band. Yeah they were huge, grunge was huge, it was all very exciting and tragic but come on; Bleach is no better than any first album, In Utero is wilfully unlistenable, and the best bits of MTV Unplugged are covers.

Frank Ocean

Not a band, just one man making critically acclaimed music that actively resists any attempt to actually listen to it. How many times have you put Blonde on, vowing to really give it a good go this time, and then it’s over having made less impression than Jeremy Vine taking calls about listeners’ favourite bedding plants?


Admit it; they kind of went shit after The Bends.