Failed musician wants you to know how amazing settling down is

SETTLING down with kids and a mortgage is an incredible achievement that surpasses anything else, according to a man whose other plans failed.

Parent Wayne Hayes has been incredibly lucky to find family life more exciting and rewarding than his earlier ambitions of being a rock star.

Hayes said: “Settling down is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, so it’s just as well all those other projects involving incredible wealth and success went down the toilet.

“If my 90s rock band, Cybernight, had signed to EMI, as we very nearly did, I might not be here looking after two small children and working for a medical packaging company.

“I’m always telling people how glad I am that things turned out as they have, but sometimes I’m so passionate about settling down they look a bit scared.”

Friend Donna Sheridan said: “It’s great that Wayne loves family life, because if I’d had all these brilliant projects that almost succeeded I’d secretly be incredibly bitter about dreary things like mortgages and nappies.

“Although when I asked him to tell me about the time his band supported Foo Fighters he started crying.”