Five classic Britpop hits to weep over during the school run

THERE’S nothing like a bit of Britpop to remind you you’re old now! Here’s an awesome playlist to sob to as you drive the kids to school.

Cigarettes and Alcohol, Oasis, 1994

Guaranteed to leave you totally miserable as you remember the days when you were young, hedonistic and edgy – in your own mind anyway – and a hangover didn’t make you want to curl up in a hole in the ground for two days.

Inbetweener, Sleeper, 1995

Bittersweet tune about young love and unfulfilled dreams, which is the last fucking thing you need when you’re 44 and working for an insurance company. Also a reminder of your undying love for Louise Wener, so after you’ve dropped the kids off you may want to park the car and have a little cry.

Girls and Boys, Blur, 1994

Snarky song about pissed Brits in Magaluf with nothing to particularly emotionally trigger you. However it will remind you of when you gormlessly copied Damon Albarn’s retro tracksuit tops and floppy fringe and looked like a considerable bellend, causing embarrassment and possibly nausea.

Alright, Supergrass, 1995

Supergrass’s big hit was a celebration of youth that actually says ‘We are young’ repeatedly. It also mentions shagging around, having nice teeth and carefree smoking. It’s almost as if the sideburned bastards deliberately intended to bring you down 24 years later.

Common People, Pulp, 1995

Scathing take on art school poseurs, but also about university romances. Try not to be so overwhelmed by emotional memories of lost loves and fumbling sex that you accidentally run over one of your kids’ teachers.