Gen Z teen confused by strong male character

A MALE teenager has been left confused by a film in which a man faces challenges like fist fights that are traditionally left to female characters.

Josh Hudson was watching the Amazon remake of the 1980s action movie Road House, in which a professional bouncer in a roadside bar defeats numerous opponents despite not being a woman.

Hudson said: “I was gobsmacked when Dalton, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, takes on a six-foot biker and punches him to the ground. Only a lightly-built, 5’2” woman should be able to do that. 

“In all the films I’ve seen, whether it’s Atomic Blonde or Rebel Moon, women do all the fighting, so it was a really refreshing reversal of gender roles. It’s about time films showed that a man can be a badass too.

“Obviously a man wouldn’t stand a chance against a woman. My friend Lee who I was watching it with says men don’t have a small enough body mass to win fights, but I reckon if they had martial arts training that could give them an advantage.  

“One thing I didn’t like about Road House was that the female characters weren’t instantly good at everything and the man wasn’t completely useless, for which he is mocked and ridiculed. I thought that was just a bit too unrealistic.

“Even so, I found it really empowering. It’s given me the confidence to follow my dreams and become a fighter pilot instead of a childcare assistant. I don’t care if flying a Typhoon fighter-bomber is a ‘woman’s job’.”

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