Gen Zer wishes they'd stop ruining woke messages by putting TV shows in them

A TEENAGER who was looking forward to watching a woke message feels it was ruined by the makers blatantly shoehorning in characters and a storyline.

Ryan Whittaker, 19, had been enjoying the latest Doctor Who social engineering video with its unambiguous message that diversity is good, when it clumsily introduced a storyline about aliens and time travel.

Whittaker said: “I’d got really into the range of ethnicities and sexualities that were a positive example for any modern workplace, when suddenly an alien shapeshifter was threatening to destroy all life in the universe.

“Like, where did that come from? I don’t think a painfully obvious woke message is the appropriate place for Russell T Davies to blatantly insert his own science fiction narrative. Especially if young children are watching who don’t even know what an Osiran is.

“I’m not against dramas having stories in, I just thought it was really unsubtle. The episode about all white people being racist had a story of sorts, but it was totally forgettable and you didn’t care about any of the characters. That’s good writing.”

It is not the first time Whittaker has had his viewing pleasure spoilt recently by characters having to overcome challenges in an exciting and visually interesting way.

He said: “Apparently larger people can have sex too. I never knew that, so Bridgerton was a real learning experience for me. I’m going to tell all the plump people I know in case they didn’t see it.

“But then they bolted on a load of plotlines about secrets and love affairs in a sumptuous historical setting. It totally takes you out of the message.”

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Fanzone not celebrating England wins by throwing pints because they cost £9.50

ENGLAND fans watching the game in a fanzone today say they will not celebrate goals by flinging their pints in the air because they cost the best part of a f**king tenner.

Despite wanting the traditional fanzone experience of aggressive rowdiness and leaving a huge mess, supporters say it is not worth it when a plastic cup of lager costs almost the same as many people earn in an hour.

Steve Malley said: “Fanzones are great places for like-minded dickheads to get together to shout abuse at the ref and sing offensive songs about Germany.

“The atmosphere is amazing when England score, and in the past we would have launched our pints skyward like a troop of apes flinging their piss and shit around because they don’t have more sophisticated methods of expressing themselves.

“However, when a pint costs as much as it does you’ve got to be really careful with it. It’s basically liquid gold, if gold got you so shitfaced that you end up pissing in the fridge when you get home because you mistook it for the toilet.”

Fanzone manager Lucy Phipps said: “The beer doesn’t have to be this expensive. We just like to rinse these bellends for everything they have.”