Gervais’s self-justification now funnier than The Office

RICKY Gervais has finally surpassed The Office with his latest justification for making fun of people with learning difficulties.

He doesn't have to explain himself to the likes of you

More than decade after his sitcom magnum opus the writer and comedian has reached new heights with his claim that he can create a character who appears to any reasonable person to have learning difficulties but does not because Gervais says so.

His new justification has received universal acclaim, with many describing his mangled, self-serving logic as ‘Brentian’.

Critic Julian Cook said: “Extras, Life is Short and ‘the films’ all had their moments but we are finally seeing him rediscover his sense of the absurd.

”Gervais has proved his detractors wrong. He is still the Master of Cringe.”

Gervais self-justification fan Nathan Muir said: “I think it’s a shame that his genius for pathetically transparent excuses has been overshadowed by sitcoms.

“I do love the latest way in which he is trying to have his cake and eat it but it’s still not as good as his rationale for why his use of the word ‘mong’ wasn’t offensive.

”Too few artists these days are willing to stand up and say ‘because it just isn’t’.”