Grown men into that card game about wizards and shit

THOUSANDS of adult humans are into that game where you have little cards with pictures of monsters on them.

The game, which nobody who is not a fan knows the proper name of, is sort of like Top Trumps but with dragons.

36-year-old Norman Steele said: “My favourite card is the Defiler of Souls, a type of demon.

“That’s all I’m going to say about it because you will only take the piss.

“However I must clarify that it is nothing like Top Trumps but with dragons.”

Steele’s partner Susan Traherne said: “I knew that the card game about wizards and shit was popular, but I assumed this was just among children.

“They have these tournaments where these big, balding men stand around looking at whole folders full of these cards with pictures of goblins or whatever on them, talking about how good they are and how realistic the artwork is.

“There are loads of rules and very few female players, as far as I can tell it’s sort of like rugby for people who don’t want to get hurt.”