Hillary Clinton’s new book titled ‘How I F**ked Up’

HILLARY Clinton has written a new memoir explaining how she managed to deliver the world’s greatest superpower into the hands of a drooling orangutan. 

How I Fucked Up puts into words how an experienced career politician somehow bungled a presidential race so badly that it may end democracy in the United States forever. 

Clinton said: “Here it is, the warts-and-all chronicle of how, armed only with a massive sense of entitlement and no policies whatsoever, I managed to lose the contest literally nobody thought I could. 

“I take you through my experience of repeating easy soundbites and taking part in vapid viral challenges while throwing away an election and knocking women’s rights back at least a generation. 

“It’s a fascinating read. You’ll find it hard to believe a supposedly intelligent person could be so amazingly stupid.”