Someone has brought a sodding dog into office

SOMEONE has brought a sodding dog into the office, according to numerous reports.

Sightings started at around 9.24am, with word quickly spreading throughout the building that a dog was wandering around by the photocopier.

Although it is possible that the dog just somehow strayed into the office on its own, it probably belongs to a boss or some fancy client, because if a normal worker brought a dog in everyone would think they were insane.

Admin assistant Susan Smith said: “I heard a bark while I was making a cup of coffee and honestly thought I was having a stroke.

“Then I went round the corner and saw a sodding dog sniffing around a filing cabinet. Whatever next, a gerbil in the stationary cupboard?”

The dog’s visit prompted questions about what the plan is for when he inevitably shits on the floor, whether they should call the RSPCA and how much time they can waste by pretending to be interested in him.