Friday, 7th May 2021

Honestly it's nothing to do with that f**khead Hollywood, says Toksvig

SANDI Toksvig has denied that her departure from The Great British Bake Off was anything to do with ‘that preening w*nkshaft Paul Hollywood’. 

The presenter has insisted that she is leaving the show for reasons totally unconnected to Hollywood and she in no way finds him deeply smarmy and irritating.

She continued: “Paul Hollywood is a treasured colleague and a wonderful man. That is definitely not something I am contractually obliged to say. 

“The reason I’m leaving is to explore other projects and nothing to with spending hours with any vain, middle-aged colleague who clearly loves himself.

“I honestly don’t mind the way Paul offers his hand to contestants like it’s a prize in itself. And why shouldn’t he wear a smug grin all the time? He is very good at making cakes.”

The show’s producers have confirmed that the next co-presenter will be someone who is not troubled by incredibly large egos, possibly Russell Brand.