Hungover man reduced to tears by Despicable Me

A MAN has blamed a hangover for making him cry at a repeat of animated comedy film Despicable Me.

Builder Roy Hobbs claims alcohol poisoning caused him to weep at the film about a cartoon supervillain befriending three orphans.

Hobbs said: “I was feeling rough after a Bank Holiday bender, so I idly flicked onto one of those daft animated films for kids while I ate a fry-up.

“Unfortunately, as the fairly predictable storyline about villain Gru growing fond of the orphans he’s kidnapped went on I suddenly realised I was weeping like a baby at this heartwarming bollocks.

“Clearly the booze had unbalanced my mental state, because there is no way a 46-year-old brickie would cry at a bunch of silly animated characters with their adorable little faces.

“I was even touched when Gru gave the minions a bedtime kiss, which was really strange because they’re basically yellow tubes with eyes.”