There are bad factions on both sides of this hurricane, claims Trump

DONALD Trump has claimed that there are bad factions on both sides of the hurricane that hit America this weekend.

The president said that despite most people believing Hurricane Harvey was responsible for devastating thousands of homes, he felt that there was also blame on ‘the other side’.

Trump said: “You have the hurricane on one side, and you have the fake news media and the alt left on the other.

“Also, the hurricane is called Harvey and I have a lot of great, great friends named Harvey from over the years and…”

Trump then proceeded to tell a rambling story that made little to no sense, about a rich guy he knew called Harvey who owns a big boat or some shit that he once went to a party on.

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Public water supply may contain dangerously tiny levels of homeopathic medicine, say experts

BRITISH tap water may contain homeopathic medicines in dangerously minuscule concentrations, experts have warned.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “Users of homeopathic medicines sometimes pour them down the sink when they’ve finished the course, or when they realise it’s all bollocks.

“We’re already seeing the effect on wildlife, with reports of no effects whatsoever on fish.”

He added: “Now we are seeing evidence that the waste has entered the human water supply, with potentially negligible effects.

“We’re advising people to dilute their tap water a thousand times and then tap it with a plastic spoon to make sure it’s safe.”