ITV’s prediction that you like morons rutting on an island proves depressingly accurate

YOU like to watch idiots rutting in a hot place, it has been confirmed.

ITV executives constructed Love Island based on the cynical belief that Britons want to watch muscular imbeciles mating in a tropical setting.

An ITV spokesman said: “It seems we cannot underestimate you.

“We thought we might at least need to dress this one up as a ‘scientific experiment probing human reproductive behaviour’ or a ‘nudity-based survival challenge’ that ‘pushes boundaries’.

“And so we will continue to do everything to promote the existence of steroidal freaks who will have a brief DJing career before getting arrested for trashing a Nando’s.”

The next episode of Love Island will see the participants shaken up by the introduction of Wayne Hayes, a super-hot horse who everyone will fancy.