Sunday, 16th May 2021

Joy as director's cut actually involves some cutting

A DIRECTOR who shortened his original film rather than load an extra, pointless hour onto it has been widely praised.

Tom Logan’s 2015 sci-fi thriller Interdimensional - featuring themes of death, alienation and what it means to be human - originally lasted a bottom-aching three hours.

However for the film’s reissue Logan cut it down to 75 minutes, making it tolerable to a normal human being’s attention span.

Logan said: “I can’t believe this film was nominated for an Oscar. It’s a turgid, sprawling mess. I must have been really tired or something when I made it.

“I decided to cut 14 boring exposition scenes full of cod philosophy to just two. Then I deleted a bunch of stuff that was just an excuse to have characters smoking on screen.

“Once I’d removed all the inconsequential fight scenes I almost started to enjoy my own piece of overblown rubbish.

“I could have have cut it back to 20 minutes but the distributors said that was taking the mickey. At least now you’ve got a chance of getting to the pub before last orders.”