Lady Gaga plays to freaks, misfits and outsiders at Lib Dem conference

POP star Lady Gaga has made a surprise appearance in Glasgow playing to shunned outcasts from society at the Lib Dem conference. 

The star, who appeared wearing a shocking dress made out of a comatose Charles Kennedy, has embraced the party faithful who are feared and hated by ordinary people.

She said: “They laugh at us. They spit on us. They tell us the way we want to live is wrong.

“But we were born this way!”

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More butterflies living long enough to become wasps

WARM weather has helped butterflies complete their life cycle by becoming wasps.

New research shows the UK has a growing butterfly population, with a corresponding increase in wasps as the fragile winged insects complete their final mind-bending transformation.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “It’s known in biology as the Gremlins principle – the process by which an appealing creature turns into something armour-plated and highly aggressive for no apparent evolutionary reason.

“Something broadly similar also happens with a sexy naked lady in the poor quality science fiction film Species.

“It also explains why you never see little baby wasps flying around.”

Wasp Emma Bradford said: “Life is so mental. Last week I was a Peacock butterfly, admired by young and old alike.

“Now I have a hard exoskeleton and a pointy thing on my arse, and am widely shunned.

“My growing bitterness will soon translate into stinging.”