Thursday, 6th May 2021

Laurence Fox fails audition to play himself in pandemic drama

LAURENCE Fox has been rejected for the role of Laurence Fox in an upcoming Sky drama about the coronavirus.

With Sir Kenneth Branagh starring as Boris Johnson, Fox had hoped the drama might re-establish his acting career, but the makers felt his auditions “lacked nuance” and that he was “a Covid-denying bellend”.

Producer Tom Logan said: “As a courtesy, we invited Mr Fox in to audition for the part of Mr Fox. 

“However, he is a massive dick. All that stupid singer-songwriter stuff, his history of self-pitying tweets and then that ridiculous mask exemption badge business. 

“In the interests of balance, we wanted to air the arguments of Covid sceptics in a credible way, not just make them out to be one-dimensional idiots.

“Unfortunately, Mr Fox is a one-dimensional idiot. So we’ve given the role to Ben Kingsley instead. 

“We offered him the part of ‘maskless wanker in crowd’ during one of the demo scenes but he declined. Career-wise, I think that was a mistake.”

Speaking on BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, Sky News and in the Times, Mail, Express and Sun, Fox claimed that he had been “cancelled again”, but everyone is bored with it now.