Man at front of gig screaming for song that band definitely going to play anyway

A MAN has stood at the very front of a concert shouting for the band’s biggest song even though they’re fucking obviously going to play it at some point anyway.

Martin Bishop attended a Rolling Stones gig last night and despite many strange looks from those around him, proceeded to scream for Satisfaction from the very first chord.

Fellow concert-goer Emma Bradford said, “Does he think they’re just not going to play that song? Does he think they hate their fans or something like Simply Red must do?

“Of course they’re going to play fucking Satisfaction. And, if for some reason they’ve decided not to tonight, I don’t think Keith Richards will change his mind because some bloke is shouting and waving at him.”

Bishop said” “I just love Satisfaction and if I don’t scream for them to play it in-between every other song then they might forget to play it.

“They are in there 70s now and when my nan was in her 70s she forgot to do all kinds of things, so I feel like I’m kind of helping them out a bit here.”