Man describes even most boring technology as ‘like something off Black Mirror’

A MAN obsessed with Black Mirror thinks even the most mundane technology has an evil hidden agenda.

31-year-old Wayne Hayes, who watches the Netflix sci-fi series with religious fervour, describes anything powered by electricity as ‘like something off Black Mirror’.

Hayes said: “My girlfriend got me one of those toasted sandwich makers for Christmas. I’m sure it’s got a secret camera that records my every move for the government, while using my sandwich preferences to build a detailed psychological profile that will ultimately be used to enslave me on a moon colony where love is forbidden.

“Like something off Black Mirror.”

Hayes went on to describe how the programme shows dystopian visions of hi-tech near-futures, where people wear polo necks and have arguments in big glass houses.

He added: “It really makes you think. Is technology our friend or foe? My phone charger made a weird noise the other day, so it’s definitely in love with my girlfriend and planning to kill me.

“Then it’ll get her pregnant with a half-charger baby and they’ll go and live in a weird hive that looks like a massive iPhone.

“Also I believe the kettle has secret racist views.”