Tuesday, 4th August 2020

Man in flat cap trying to be Peaky Blinders but ending up Last of the Summer Wine

A MAN who thinks his flat cap makes him resemble a stylish 1920s gangster actually resembles an elderly Yorkshireman in a gentle comedy, according to friends.

Stephen Malley claims to be only wearing the hat to keep his head warm, even though it rests lightly on top of his hair and does not cover his ears.

Friend Martin Bishop said: “Thing is, when Cillian Murphy’s in that hat, he exudes sexy menace like he’s about to smash someone’s face on a door.

“When Stephen wears it, he looks more like a pensioner from the Dales. The curmudgeonly one played by Brian Wilde, not the nice, gentle one played by Peter Sallis.

“I’d tell him, but then he might go back to wearing the pork pie hat he thought made him look like Mark from Take That.”