Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Hairdresser's opinions increasingly dodgy

A MAN’S haircut ended just moments before he would have been forced to agree with a morally indefensible statement by his hairdresser, he has confirmed.

Alarm bells went off for Tom Booker during a cut-and-blow at Hair Today when chatty stylist Emma Bradford ominously mentioned immigration.

Booker said: “It’s possible she could’ve been in favour of it, embracing multiculturalism and  encouraging greater diversity in the hair-styling community. But I reckoned not.

“It’s the nightmare scenario every British person dreads - someone saying vile, bigoted things and you being powerless not to tacitly agree, because that’s obviously better than causing a fuss.

“I distracted her by asking about her Yorkshire terrier, and things were fine for a bit then she started talking about ‘who really controls the world’.

“Anti-semitism is completely unacceptable, but I’m pretty cowardly and she was snipping away with razor-sharp scissors near my delicate pink ears. So I said ‘mmm’.

“That’s when she finished. I would’ve liked more off the fringe, but I needed to get out of there before we started on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.