Man with iconic film posters hasn’t seen any of them

A MAN whose flat is full of posters for films like Casablanca and Apocalypse Now has no idea what any of them are actually about, it has emerged.

Office worker Tom Logan feels the posters make him look cultured in a modern way, despite only watching the latest blockbusters containing endless idiotic CGI mayhem.

Logan said: “The woman in Breakfast at Tiffany’s looks shaggable, but it’s clear from the poster she’s not going to get in a giant robot and batter the fuck out of aliens like in Pacific Rim.

“I’m not tempted by Casablanca either because Humphrey Bogart looks like someone’s dad and the clip I saw was just people talking.

“Fuck knows what Rear Window, Dog Day Afternoon and Don’t Look Now are about.

“The original King Kong is more my kind of thing, but special effects weren’t very good in the olden days so I doubt it’s a real classic like Transformers: Age of Extinction.

“I’m going to watch Dawn of the Dead though because Shaun of the Dead was hilarious so I’d like to see the first in the series.”