Manic Street Preachers horrified to discover they are still touring

THE members of the Manic Street Preachers were stunned to discover they are still playing dates across the country rather than living normal middle-aged lives.

News of a nationwide tour in May 2019 came as a surprise to the band who had presumed they had broken up a decade ago.

James Dean Bradfield said: “I got an email about Manic Street Preachers tickets, so I felt I should open it given that I was a founder member of the band.

“For some reason I will be touring for much of next year. I’ve been forced to cancel a Danube river cruise. It’s all been very distressing.”

Fan Stephen Malley said: “I can’t wait to see songs I loved in my teens being played by wizened middle-aged men with potbellies. It’ll be a welcome reminder of the ravages of time.

“I’m planning to go to the bar when they play anything from their last eight albums.”