Mark Kermode’s top films that are set in his own rectum

HI, I’m Mark Kermode and it’s fine if you think I’m a twat.

But I’m not here to talk to about the reasons you might dislike me without ever having met me, today I’m here to tell you about my favourite films that are set entirely in my back passage. So, let’s begin…

In the Dark

It’s dark, it’s scary. Well, it would be, wouldn’t it? It’s my anus after all.

The Arsenator Franchise

Now, as everyone knows, I’m not usually one for franchises and all that kind of thing but The Arsenator movies are different. They’re subtle, wonderfully observed, tender at times but also pretty non-stop when they get going.

Conversations at the Back Door

A beautiful film, filled with ordinary people, all just talking out of their own back doors. You can probably see why I like it so much.

The Arsorcist

I love this classic horror film, just love it. It has everything, suspense, drama, just everything. At it’s heart it’s the story of an ordinary family who might be the victims of a hostile paranormal entity or they may just be up my arse. The director bravely leaves it to the viewer to decide (although if you ask me, they’re up my arse).