Millennials need to grow up and get over Harry Potter, says 46-year-old with Stormtrooper helmet

A MIDDLE-AGED bank manager who owns a replica Stormtrooper helmet has called millennials still into Harry Potter ‘pathetic’. 

After hearing junior employees discuss what house of Hogwarts they would be in, Bill McKay derisively told them to ‘grow up’ and ‘stop reading books for kiddies’.

He continued: “I’m not angry at them. I’m angry for them.

“I’m sure it was all very magical when they were little, but come on, you can’t waste your whole life on childish nonsense,” said the Coventry man, who has spent more than £15,000 tracking down every Star Wars figure he owned when he was eight.

“There’s a whole galaxy of other books, films and role-playing games out there, as I’ve tried to tell them. I even offered to lend out some of my Expanded Universe novels, which are very dark.

“But still they insist on clinging to this magical Bantha crap. And they wonder why they can’t afford houses?”

McKay added: “It’s not a Stormtrooper helmet. It’s a Clone Trooper helmet.”