Mum very disappointed with Hugh Grant for trying to kill that gay man

A MIDDLE-AGED mother believes Hugh Grant has let her down by actually being a politician involved in a botched attempt to murder his gay lover.

52-year-old Mary Fisher liked the actor since 1994’s Four Weddings and a Funeral but had no idea that he had spent the 1960s seducing young impressionable men and the 1970s attempting to kill them. 

She said: “I’ve seen a different side to him, I can’t deny. And it’s not one I like. 

“Hugh was so lovely when he owned that bookshop, and when he was prime minister for a little while, and I couldn’t resist him when he was involved with that Jones girl even though he was a bit naughty.

“But he was so slimy and dishonest on that BBC thing it made me shudder. You can’t just put on a performance like that, not unless you’re a proper actor like Anthony Hopkins. So it must be a documentary about Hugh Grant’s actual life.

“I’m sorry but no. He’s out. I’m sticking to a man you can trust, like Ben Fogle.”